Hello and Welcome


I am so excited… and terrified! I have always wanted a blog and here I am writing my first entry. My mind is racing a million miles per second with all sorts of ideas.  I want to spill the contents of my brain out all in one shot; one epically long entry. An entry that will discuss my favourite products, demonstrate my best recipes, review fun places and experiment ideas.  Somewhere in that mega blog post I also want to discuss my hopes and dreams, confide my fears and failure and reach out for wisdom of others.  However, I am sitting here knowing that is not a great idea because I would need to put on a pot of coffee and I how would I ever be able to finish?  I will settle for smaller more organized entries instead.  As I mentioned already, here I am, so I might as well give a proper introduction of myself:

My name is Leah from western Canada and I am a wife and a new mother.  My son was born in January, 2015 whom we affectionately nicknamed “Monkey”. Becoming a mom has been by far my best accomplishment. It have taught me to love more than I knew possible, it has taught me patience and continues to do so, it has given me happiness beyond expectation, and it has humbled me. I can’t wait to see what to future holds for me and my little family.  Fasten your seat belts, we are going to have fun! 


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