How I save money with Amazon Family

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Who likes to save money?  I sure do!! Last year while I was pregnant I spent my free time perusing online flyers each week to make sure I got the best deals.  I  especially did this with diapers.  At that time I had decided we would be a Pamper family and that I would stock up on boxes of them whenever they were on sale (I will post why I switched to Huggies later).  By the time Little Monkey was born, I had about 7 or 8 boxes of size 1 & 2 Pampers Swaddlers stocked up.  They were the boxes of approximately 88 and I paid around $21.00 per box (or about  $0.24/diaper). Good deal I thought considering they were usually between $25-$30 per box and they biggest box I could find in stores.  I seemed to have lucked out with guessing how many diapers I would need since I ran out just as we were ready to try size 3.  Being discount savvy and frugal, I jumped online and looked up prices.

Amazon should change their name to Amazing when it comes to diapers! During my price comparison research I saw an add from advertising their launch of Amazon Family Program.

Amazon Family members get 20%
off diapers subscriptions and Free Two-Day Shipping with Prime

I thought there had to be a catch, so I looked further into the program.  The catch is that you have to sign up for what is essentially their prime service. It’s $79.00 per year and you get free 2 day shipping on their “prime” products.  This fee turned me off of the idea, however I saw that there was a FREE 30 day trial for anyone who has not tried their prime service in the past.  I figured, what the heck, I will try it and if it sucks I will cancel before my free trial is up.  When I received my first  delivery of a mega box of Pamper Cruisers 174 count, for a mere $31.99 (0.17/diaper), I was hooked.  It’s great because not only is the a great deal, it was also delivered directly to my house.  With subscribe and save, it will also continue to be delivered on a schedule I can manipulate. For us, I choose the 12 day of every month for guaranteed delivery. A few days before each shipment, I receive an email confirming the order and any price adjustments. If I do not make changes then, the item(s) get billed and shipped out at the same time thereafer. I can add extra deliveries and hold deliveries as needed.

As an added bonus, members also receive further discounts on other item with subscribe and save. We receive 5% off our monthly delivery of toilet paper and paper towel.  I have a few other items I receive less frequently such as lysol wipes (every 2 months) , garbage bags (3 months) , antiperspirant (2 months) and a case of Huggies all natural wipes 800 count ( 3 months). On the months that ship 5 items or more, the 5% discount becomes a 15% discount. Not to mention free shipping on any other Amazon prime products I randomly order.  This has essentially eliminated my need to go out shopping for household items other than groceries.  It is also possible to cancel or change a subscription at any time, plus it’s super easy. I save money. I save time. I love it!

Do you use Amazon Family? What items do you save on and what do you love most about it?